Robot integration

We incorporate to your installations any kind of robot, ranging from smaller ones (10kg payload) designed for loading-unloading to bigger ones designed for heavier loads. We take care entirely of the project: we engage ourselves to provide you the cost estimate as well as the security agreement.

Here are some examples of robots that we currently use:

Universal Robot

These are used for loading-unloading or material handling (for 10kg items max.).

Convenient for their easy programming: they only require one day of training.

In order to make these robots run, a mere 220V plug is required, which increases its efficiency.

These features make it ideal for a first robot.

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universal robot robot UR
Range of action 500 mm 850 mm 1 300 mm
Load 3 kg 5 kg 10 kg
Weight 11 kg 18,4 kg 28,9 kg
Congestion 118 mm 149 mm 190 mm
  • UR10 Robot
  • UR Controller
  • UR10 and UR5 robots
  • UR5 Robot
  • UR5 Double
  • Universal Robots

Robots Companies Partnerships

Other types of robots according to your applications. Robotics with complex trajectories.